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Solvent recovery through fractionation or distillation offers a few distinct advantages: cost savings via use of a recycled product, minimization of waste actually disposed, and ultimately, conservation of energy resources. Closed loop or open loop, either way you can be assured that the recycled product will be of the highest purity.

Universal Waste

EMSLLC offers transportation and recycle options on all types of batteries, ballasts, mercury bearing devices, and E-scrap (computer monitors, CPU’s, keyboards, mice, etc.). Also available are options for complete shredding and destruction. Whatever your recycling needs in this area, we have a solution for you.

Outdated, Off Spec, and Virgin Materials

EMSLLC has a vast networking program in place to help you find the right solutions for your outdated and unwanted materials. EMSLLC specializes in finding end users for your materials, as an option to non regulated or hazardous waste disposals, while abiding by RCRA rules, and as important, adhering to your internal acceptability policies as to avoid conflict of interest.

Metal Bearing Products or Waste

As with our outdated material recycling programs, EMSLLC offers recycle opportunities for hazardous, non hazardous, metal bearing, products or wastes. Copper, nickel, precious and non precious metals are just examples of materials we currently have options for recycling.

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