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Confidential preventive maintenance designed to meet your needs. EMSLLC offers Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments in addition to other site audit services tailored to meet your specific needs. We recognize environmental concerns will vary from facility to facility. Our audits are adapted to cover individual companies’ unique circumstances. Our experienced teams of auditors quickly and concisely evaluate the level of environmental compliance at your facility.


Evaluation results are furnished in a direct understandable report based on a standard checklist of items including:

  • Past and present processing
  • Housekeeping
  • Wastewater and sewer access
  • Storage and containment
  • Records
  • Employee knowledge and training


As a result of our objective problem solving approach, recommendations for improvement and/or corrective action are outlined. The basic objective of site audits is to provide a means for our clients to maintain compliant operations. Our ability to analyze your risks, to identify hazards, and to investigate environmental safety liabilities, minimizes the potential for catastrophic events.

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