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Waste disposal is one of the most carefully government-regulated and scrutinized industries. Because regulatory pressures are becoming increasingly complex, our first concern is your satisfaction and peace of mind. You can depend on EMSLLC for efficient, effective answers to your waste management problems. We offer disposal options which utilize the best available technology. No matter which wastes you generate, you can have complete confidence that your wastes will be handled in the most environmentally sound manner. Of course the disposal method depends on the type of waste generated. We offer these solutions:

Supplemental Fuel Program

This program enables BTU-bearing material to be blended with other wastes to produce a usable fuel. This material is used for its heat value, which diminishes the need for a kiln’s primary fuel (petroleum, coke, natural gas and coal), thus using your waste instead of our natural resources.

Solids Can Be Liquified

Certain materials such as still bottoms can be pulverized and re-liquefied, also allowing their BTU value to be utilized for combustion.

Waste Minimization

The Ultimate Resolution to your problem.


Thermal treatment is yet another option to destroy hazardous or toxic organics via a high-temperature rotary kiln. Incineration offers limited liability and immediate destruction. On-site incineration is available.

Waste Water Treatment

Chemical and mechanical treatment is available for treating effluents such as: acids, bases, coolants, water and oil.

Landfill Options

We offer other services such as:

  • De-listing hazardous wastes
  • Macro & micro encapsulation
  • Neutralization
  • Chemical stabilization/fixation
  • Oxidation/precipitation/filtration


EMSLLC carefully monitors the changing regulations which vary from state to state. A vital link to successful customer waste management is the transportation factor. The ability to respond in a safe, efficient manner is directly associated with the following transportation categories.

Operating Area

EMSLLC transporters are fully licensed carriers with full ICC authority in the U. S. and Transportation Ministry authority in Canada. We are able to respond wherever our customer needs exist.


Our transporters’ full service fleets offers a variety of vans, trailers and tankers to transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Specialized equipment needs are handled on an individual client basis.

Liability Insurance

All transporters’ fleet operations carry environment discharge insurance and comprehensive general and automotive liability insurance, meeting all state and Federal environmental guidelines. This minimizes your operation’s liability.


We meet our goal of complete customer satisfaction by providing:

  • Timely pick-ups
  • Complete manifest service
  • Toll free service access
  • Total follow-up evaluations to assure our customers are in compliance
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