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EMSLLC provides experienced, expert handling of laboratory chemicals. Spent or unusable laboratory chemicals represent a special niche in waste disposal. In order to properly handle these requirements, EMSLLC has a program to expedite removal of your lab waste in a reliable manner. We work with school & laboratory personnel to:

Typical Procedure

  • Review material list/inventory to gauge on hand needs and forecast future requirements.
  • Identify chemical name, safety precautions, disposal requirements, etc….
  • Segregate client waste streams into compatible groups.
  • Label individual and group containers to EPA and DOT requirements.
  • Package all materials in accordance with EPA and DOT specifications for lab packing.
  • Transport pre-packaged waste streams.
  • Audit the materials upon unpacking to determine integrity.
  • Dispose of lab packs in the necessary and proper manner.
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