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If your company manufactures paint, you are probably aware that there is a correct method of paint disposal and in the same vein, if you are a contractor and often need to dispose of large volumes of paint, again, there must be a procedure in place for paint disposal. All companies that create chemical waste certainly appreciate that dumping of the waste is not only against the law and goes against all environmental regulations, but companies that are illegally dumping paint are setting themselves up for crippling penalties and fines, which will certainly have devastating consequences on the future of their companies. Thanks to the services of EMS LLC USA, our company is able to provide paint manufacturers with several affordable management and disposal solutions that will stop all methods of illegal paint disposal. The environmental guidelines which have been set out by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency for paint disposal at no time insinuates that dumping the paint in a nearby landfill site is acceptable, but in fact states that because paint contains several hazardous and toxic chemicals, certain procedures must be followed and a protocol for paint disposal exists.

EMS LLC USA has over nine decades of combined experience in the realm of paint waste disposal, management and recycling, and our extensive experience will allow us to effectively customize waste management solutions that will at all times focus on affordable and correct disposal methods, all of which are environmentally friendly and are in strict accordance with the setout guidelines for disposal. According to the Federal Environmental Guidelines, transporters of hazardous chemicals, such as paint, will need to be in possession of comprehensive discharge insurance as well as general and automotive liability insurance, and the transporters who provide the waste paint disposal service are holders of these insurances and as such, your company’s liability will be significantly minimized with our customized paint disposal and management services. However, more importantly, your company will not be contravening any Federal Laws and need not worry about illegal paint disposal practices.

EMS LLC USA’s paint disposal services will include on time pickups, and a full manifest of our services will be provided to our clients, which will contact the method of how the paint will be disposed. EMS LLC USA will carry out a full evaluation of the progress of the paint disposal and this will give your company the assurance that all waste will be disposed of in accordance with the environmental regulations on chemical waste. EMS LLC USA offers an affordable waste management solution that is in strict accordance with environmental guidelines and procedures of the EPA. In order to learn more about our paint disposal and management programs feel free to visit the EMS LLC USA website, EMS LLC USA provides full service chemical and mechanical treatments to treat effluents, such as acid, bases, coolants and water and because are committed to offering the best in waste minimization, our services will offer your company the correct solution that will resolve all your company’s paint disposal problems.

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