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EMSLLC can help you reclaim the environment in a cost-effective and timely manner. The first step for proper handling of site remediation begins with assessing the site conditions. EMSLLC offers field investigation to assess the extent of contamination, and implement the proper containment, on-site treatment or removal of contaminated material. EMSLLC handles remediation work such as: FACILITY CLOSURES, PLANT CLEANUP, SPILLS, LAGOONS, WASTE WATER TREATMENT PONDS, AND UNDERGROUND TANKS.


Field investigators assess site conditions and develop a response plan to minimize your liabilities and use the most cost-effective means of handling your contamination. We provide analytical testing of ground water, surface and sub-surface soils and surface waters to evaluate the extent of hazardous conditions.

Underground Tanks

Depending on your tank inventory assessment, EMSLLC offers ongoing leak testing, installation and monitoring of wells, organic vapor analysis and tank tightness testing as required. Where necessary we can clean, remove, decontaminate or replace your underground tanks.


Over a period of time, sludge or scale may build up in your tanks and vats, greatly reducing the volume and/or purity of products stored. EMSLLC offers complete cleaning and decontamination services including water blasting, hydro-blasting and chemical treatment. On-site treatment or removal of waste is handled as a complete turn-key operation.

Facility Closures/ Plant Cleanup

In these trying economic times, facility shutdowns are an unfortunate reality. EMSLLC has extensive hands on experience dealing with plant closures. We handle everything from disposing or recycling remaining chemistry to full turn-key operations. EMSLLC has handled small industrial plants to multi-million corporate closures.

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