High hazard and reactive chemicals management

Environmental Marketing Services is trusted for the proper disposal of high-hazard and reactive chemicals, ranging from picric acid to cyanides, and many more.

With us, you’re getting a service and partnering with a leader in environmentally conscious solutions. We ensure that even the most reactive chemicals are handled with utmost precision, safeguarding both the environment and your peace of mind. 

Certified chemists nationwide: handling high-hazard materials with expertise

We partner with a network of fully certified, trained, and degreed chemists throughout the country who have the necessary experience to handle high-hazard materials.

Some chemicals that fit into this specialty category include picric acid, diethyl ether, ethyl ether, PCB containing substances, cyanides, and other unstable materials.

Secure remote handling of high hazard chemicals

Trust our experienced chemists to safely manage high hazard chemicals using remote opening techniques.

In a world where special wastes face unique challenges, we confront them directly, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safety and compliance for the responsible disposal of the most hazardous materials

Expert handling of high hazard chemicals

Remote opening plays a key role in handling high hazard chemicals, and you can trust our trained chemists to complete the process in a safe manner.

Confronting unique challenges of special wastes

In a world where special wastes are often sidelined, we recognize its unique challenges and address them head-on.

Unwavering commitment to safety and compliance

Our commitment to safety and compliance is unwavering, ensuring that even the most hazardous materials find a responsible end.

Highlighted Services 
  • Picric Acid Stabilization and Disposal
  • Expired Ethers Stabilization and Disposal
  • Cyanide Disposal
  • Reactive Materials Services
  • High Hazard Waste Disposal
  • Reactive Chemicals Management
  • Remote Opening
  • PCB Waste Disposal
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