Lab-packing services for used and outdated chemicals

At Environmental Marketing Services, we understand the critical nature of managing used and outdated chemicals, especially in sectors like Education, private and government laboratories, law enforcement, and manufacturing.

Tailored lab-packing services: safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly disposal

Whether you’re an educational institution, a research laboratory, or a manufacturing facility, properly managing and disposing of chemicals is not just a regulatory requirement, but a commitment to the environment.

With over 90 years of combined experience, Environmental Marketing Services offers unparalleled expertise in handling these specialized waste disposal needs.

Meticulous lab-packing process: EPA and DOT guidelines compliance

Our lab-packing process is meticulous, and strictly follows the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

We also provide comprehensive waste management solutions, including sampling and analysis, high-hazard chemical management, radioactive waste management, and more. 

Step 1: Inventory assessment

We begin by reviewing your chemical inventory, understanding your current needs, and forecasting future requirements.

Step 2: Chemical identification

Each chemical is identified, labeled, and segregated into compatible groups, ensuring safety and compliance at every step.

Step 3: Safe packaging

Our packaging meets the highest standards set by regulatory bodies, guaranteeing these chemicals’ safe transport and disposal.

Step 4: On-site audits

In addition to our lab-packing services, Environmental Marketing Services offers on-site audits to identify unknown, or unlabeled chemicals containers.

How we perform this
Before the service

Submit a list of your waste chemicals to us so our certified disposal facility chemists can determine the appropriate packing and disposal methods, and provide an accurate disposal quote.

Upon approval, our team will complete all of the necessary EPA and DOT required paperwork so we can begin the scheduling process.

During the service

On the scheduled service date, trained personnel will meet at your facility location, where they will identify and properly segregate your chemicals into compatible size containers. For unknown waste, we offer on-site generic testing of your material to determine the appropriate disposal method.

Everything needed to ensure that your waste chemicals are removed and disposed of properly is included in our turnkey services. We supply the packing materials, labels, and all other paperwork needed to ensure regulatory compliance, and safe and proper chemical disposal.

After the service

Once your material is packaged, the on-site crew will properly label the packed waste containers, and removal will be completed on the same day. All containers are filled with vermiculite, and secured on the transport vehicle to ensure that no accidental spills occur during the process.

The chemicals are then taken to the appropriate TSDF disposal facility for processing and final destruction. A certificate of disposal is provided once all of the chemical waste has been fully disposed of.

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