Medical and pharmaceutical waste services

Environmental Marketing Services, stands at the forefront of medical and pharmaceutical waste management. We custom tailor solutions to industries like education, private and government laboratories, law enforcement, and manufacturing.

Environmental stewardship in medical waste management

With our commitment to safeguarding the environment and minimizing liabilities, we leverage the latest technology to handle your medical and environmental hazardous waste properly.

The significance of proper medical waste disposal cannot be overstated. It’s not just about adhering to regulations; it’s about preventing the spread of infectious diseases and ensuring a clean environment.

Minimizing risks in bio-medical waste treatment according to OSHA guidelines

By partnering with Environmental Marketing Services, you ensure compliance, safeguard your community, personnel, and patients, and uphold your institution’s reputation.

Our comprehensive waste management services encompass a wide range of categories:


Including needles, blades, razors, and more, safely contained in red sharps containers.

Biohazardous waste

Infectious waste, contaminated PPE, all securely stored in red containers or liners.

Trace chemotherapy waste

Containers with no observable content and PPE that aren’t saturated are housed in yellow containers.

RCRA Hazardous

A category that covers around 99% of all Rx waste, including antibiotics, Tylenol, and more, placed in black containers.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pills, injectables, and antibiotics, all in blue containers.

Radioactive Waste

Materials like Fluorine-18 and Technetium-99 are stored in shielded containers with a radioactive symbol.

Diverse and innovative bio-medical waste disposal solutions

Our disposal methods are diverse ranging from incineration, which converts waste into electric power, to steam sterilization, thermal treatment, electro pyrolysis, and chemical mechanical systems.

With Environmental Marketing Services, you’re not just getting a waste disposal service; you’re partnering with a leader in Bio-Medical Services.

We offer:

Competitive pricing structures

Personalized, attentive service

Customized pickups tailored to your schedule.

Expert pharmaceutical waste disposal solutions

Furthermore, our expertise extends to pharmaceutical waste disposal, including OTC Materials, trace Chemotherapy drugs, and U & P Listed hazardous waste chemotherapy drugs. We provide both incineration and waste-to-energy options, ensuring your waste is managed responsibly and efficiently.

Highlighted Services 
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  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • DEA Controlled Substances Management
  • DEA Waste Management
  • Controlled Substances Disposal
  • Medical Waste Pickup
  • Medical Waste Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Pickup
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Transportation
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