Off-spec and outdated chemicals and products

There are many times when commercial or industrial products do not meet quality or safety standards, and cannot be sold to consumers, or used in other manufacturing processes.

At Environmental Marketing Services, we partner with a network of transportation and disposal facilities throughout the country to ensure that we can find a suitable disposal solution for any type of off-specification or unusable product. 

Product disposal solutions: safeguarding reputation and compliance

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous products must be destroyed or disposed of under relevant local, state, and federal regulations- proper product destruction is vital to maintaining a company’s reputation.

Manufacturers of cosmetics, food and beverage, and many more can trust Environmental Marketing Services to find the best solution for their off-specification or expired products and raw materials. 

Off-spec and outdated product disposal options

Proper disposal of off-spec and outdated products is crucial to comply with local, state, and federal regulations and safeguard a company's reputation.

Environmental Marketing Services offers a range of disposal options for manufacturers in industries such as cosmetics, food and beverage, and more.

Tailored disposal methods

For off-spec or outdated products, our lab-pack service or nationwide waste carriers ensure careful selection of appropriate disposal methods.

Diverse disposal options

Choose from diverse methods like recycling, incineration, and treatment for effective and responsible product disposal.

Guidance and assistance

Contact us for personalized assistance; our customer service will walk you through the disposal process.

Highlighted Services 
  • Expired Hand Sanitizer Packing and Disposal
  • Chemical Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Liquid, Solid & Sludge Disposal
  • Chemical Waste Incineration
  • Chemical Waste Treatment
  • Chemical Recycling
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