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Environmental Marketing Services stands as a beacon of excellence, ensuring that all hazardous, non-hazardous, and chemical waste is handled with the utmost care and strictly complies with federal regulations.

Whether you operate a hospital lab, a research laboratory, or an educational institution’s laboratory, the importance of compliant waste disposal cannot be overstated.

Our commitment to the environment is unwavering

We take pride in offering services that help laboratories and other facilities manage their waste and contribute positively to our planet. With Environmental Marketing Services, you’re not just choosing a waste disposal service; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to making the world a cleaner, safer place.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at laboratory disposal.

Environmental Marketing Services offers many waste management and recycling solutions tailored for various industries.

Our services include:

Cylinder and compressed gas management and disposal

Ensuring safe and compliant disposal of compressed gases and cylinders.

Aerosol can recycling

An eco-friendly solution to manage and recycle aerosol cans, reducing environmental impact.

Universal waste management and disposal

Comprehensive solutions for managing and disposing of universal waste, ensuring environmental safety.

Empty drums and totes recycling

Often forgotten about, empty containers that previously contained chemicals or other raw materials can stack up and become cumbersome. The facilities we utilize have programs in place to completely clean, and refurbish containers that can be reused, reducing the impact of waste disposal on the environment. 

Police departments are faced with the daunting task of disposing of evidence once the material is no longer needed. Our specialized crews can properly segregate the items into the appropriate hazard classes for proper disposal. 

Pills, injectables, and antibiotics, all in blue containers.

Herbicides and pesticides disposal

Environmentally friendly solutions to ensure that herbicides and pesticides are disposed properly to reduce environmental impact

Highlighted Services 
  • Universal Waste Management and Disposal
  • Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management and Disposal
  • Aerosol Can Recycling
  • Empty drums and totes recycling
  • Law Enforcement Evidence Locker Cleanouts
  • Herbicides and Pesticides Disposal 
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