Radioactive waste solutions

Handling radioactive waste demands precision, compliance, and utmost safety.

Environmental Marketing Services stands at the forefront of this specialized service, offering comprehensive radioactive waste disposal solutions across the United States, excluding only Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey.

Our commitment to ensuring compliance with EPA, DOT, state, local, and federal regulations

Our team of certified transporters undergo rigorous DOT training, ensuring that every piece of radioactive waste is transported and disposed of in alignment with all pertinent regulations.

But our expertise isn’t just limited to transportation; we handle a diverse range of radioactive materials, from uranium and thorium compounds to radiolabeled pharmaceuticals and water treatment resins.

Safely disposing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM).

These materials, often found in industries like oil and gas, geothermal energy production, and municipal water treatment, require specialized handling and disposal.

With Environmental Marketing Services, clients can rest assured that their NORM and TENORM waste is managed with the utmost care.

Comprehensive management for (LLRW)

Our capabilities extend to managing Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) for both large and small generators.

Versatile handling of LLRW types

We excel in managing different types of LLRW, including Class A, B, or C LLRW, mixed LLRW treated to non-hazardous levels, high-activity radium waste, scintillation fluids, and more.

Expertise and infrastructure

Environmental Marketing Services is equipped with the expertise and infrastructure to handle a diverse range of LLRW efficiently.

Highlighted Services 
  • Radioactive Material Services and Disposal
  • On-site Radioactive Material Identification and Inventory
  • Mixed Waste (Radioactive and Hazardous)
  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management
  • Radioactive Waste Disposal
  • Scintillation Fluids Disposal
  • Uranium Compounds Disposal
  • Thorium Compounds Disposal
  • TENORM Waste Disposal
  • Tritium Exit Signs Disposal
  • Smoke Detector Disposal
  • Biological Specimens
  • Radioactive Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Sources Disposal
  • Uranyl Acetate Disposal
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