Waste treatment and disposal

Environmental Marketing Services offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of chemical, hazardous, radioactive, and universal waste management. Below are a few of the primary methods used to process and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials: 

Incineration or thermal treatment is the ideal solution to handle many types of waste chemicals.

Disposal options

From lab derived chemical waste to larger bulk shipments, incineration is a viable option for waste streams that cannot be recycled or reclaimed.

The incineration process burns materials at high temperatures to destroy contaminants, and can be used to process liquid, solid, sludge, or gaseous waste. 

Landfill is a viable option for non-hazardous waste streams that cannot otherwise be reclaimed.

Waste is thoroughly analyzed to ensure it fits in the landfill parameters, and then bulked, and solidified at the processing facility.

This method ensures that no hazardous contaminants are leaked into the environment. 

Sustainable waste-to-energy solutions

Waste-to-Energy is an alternative method to landfilling non-hazardous waste streams. Similar to incineration, the material is burned at high temperatures, and energy is generated in the form of electricity or heat.

Using this disposal method is more environmentally-friendly, and helps to keep materials out of the landfill.  

Fuel blending for sustainable manufacturing

Fuel Blending is a process that blends high-BTU waste streams into an alternative fuel for kilns used cement manufacturing. This beneficial reuse method is typically used for industrial solvents or other flammable materials derived from manufacturing, painting and coating, or laboratory testing. 

Treatment methods for diverse chemical waste streams

Treatment is a broad method of disposal, and often involves bulking smaller containers of chemical waste into categories that will be processed via neutralization, precipitation, ion exchange, reduction, or oxidation.

These methods are typically used for waste streams containing metals, or other substances that cannot be fully destroyed via the incineration process. 

Environmental commitment: leading waste solutions with technology

At the heart of Environmental Marketing Services lies a commitment to environmental stewardship, and in an industry that is under constant scrutiny, we prioritize your peace of mind, offering waste disposal solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology.

We partner with a network of disposal facilities nationwide to make certain all waste is processed in the most environmentally responsible manner.