How the Pandemic Has Taken Its Toll on the Environmental Industry
February 8, 2022

The pandemic has become a global health crisis unlike any we’ve experienced in recorded history. This pandemic is affecting every person in some manner, as well as every industry. The environmental industry is also feeling the effects of this crisis. A lot of pieces go into completing the disposal of hazardous waste, and when there are shortages or missing pieces, it takes a toll on the environmental industry.

How the Trucking Industry Affects the Environmental Industry

Hazardous waste facilities rely on transporters to move the waste from the generator of the materials to their facility. When the pandemic hit, the national economy came to a halt, and the generation of some waste materials slowed. As the trucking industry began to experience shortages of routes or other available freight, many carriers had to lay off drivers, and some trucking companies went out of business.

With the layoffs there became a surplus of drivers fighting for limited jobs. It soon became a trucking company’s market allowing them to hire drivers from within the industry. When the vaccines hit the market, COVID-19 infections slowed, and states began to reopen. With the states reopening, markets began to open across the country, creating a perfect storm to turn the trucking industry upside down.

Pent-up demands began hitting the trucking industry, and trucking companies were not prepared for the demands they began to experience. Many companies found themselves understaffed. Some companies were seeing a 120% increase in clients with no staff to handle the jobs. When disposal facilities needed their waste materials moved, it became a battle to locate trucking professionals who can handle the loads.

When drivers were located to handle the disposal of hazardous waste materials, there came a new hurdle in the process. Drivers were coming down with COVID-19 and were forced to quarantine. Between the quarantine of drivers testing positive for the virus and the competition of trucking companies remaining fully staffed, the environmental industry has suffered.

It is thought that if a driver has to be quarantined for being positive on their COVID-19 test, the trucking company could easily find a replacement due to the large number of drivers laid off. This thought is not true as applications for driving jobs have fallen, even though companies are seeing an increase in job counts.

When there is a replacement driver available, it still impacts the environmental industry. The route gets postponed until the new driver is located, and learns the handling of the materials involved. Some generators have a strict timeline to ship their materials, so if you generate hazardous waste materials, talk to the Environmental Marketing Services to ensure you can secure safe transport of your hazardous waste.

Disposal Facility Setbacks Take a Toll on the Environmental Industry

Disposal facilities are experiencing staff shortages just as the trucking industry is seeing. The major incinerators are also becoming backlogged which results in rejections of significant amounts of materials routed to incinerators.
Hazardous waste is not being picked up because there are no incineration options, or they have to make arrangements with an alternate facility. Having to make alternate arrangements results in delays as there has to be time for setting up waste profiles, sampling of the materials or weather can become a delay factor.

The problem of not being able to secure a reputable disposal facility is impacted even harder by the influx of COVID-19 related materials. These issues are causing a lot of waste to be rerouted or flat-out declined. The pandemic has impacted the hazardous waste disposal industry from the generator’s level and on up to the final disposal facility.

The pandemic has led to a collapse in the waste management chains. These materials must be safely managed, especially medical and domestic waste in order to successfully contain the disease. Mismanagement can lead to an increase in environmental pollution. Everyone needs to evaluate their management systems and incorporate resilience and disaster preparedness.

Who to Contact if Your Facility is Experiencing Waste Disposal Difficulties

Environmental Marketing Services has more than ninety years of combined experience in the environmental industry. We are here to help you develop cost-effective and innovative solutions to your recycling and waste disposal needs. It is our mission to create these solutions and minimize liabilities and protect the environment.

Environmental Marketing Services can meet the needs of educational systems, government agencies, manufacturing facilities, and many others. We will provide you with affordable transportation and disposal services to non-residential companies. Our services include:
– High-Hazard Chemical Management
– Radioactive Waste Solutions
– Chemical Waste Solutions
– Lab-Pack Services
– Hazardous Waste Services
– Non-Hazardous Waste Services
– Wastewater Services
– Medical, Biohazard, and Pharmaceutical Waste Services
– Reactive Waste Solutions
And more!

Environmental Marketing Services is here for you if you are experiencing disposal difficulties with your hazardous waste materials. Contact us today and learn how we can help keep your facility safe and up to date with disposal practices.

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