Off Spec/Outdated Product Disposal: What You Need to Know
May 8, 2020

There are many times when commercial or industrial products do not meet quality or safety standards and have to be recalled. Other times, products expire before being used, or are damaged during transport methods, and have to be removed from the market. Many reasons and components can come into play and render a product unsuitable for regular sales or use, so those products have to be destroyed entirely and in accordance with proper disposal rules.

Protect Your Brand from Off Spec/Outdated Products

Some manufacturers will not destroy off-spec or outdated products, and instead allow them to become part of the ‘gray’ market. This market is where legitimate products are sold to consumers through unofficial channels of distribution. The manufacturer of the product does not gain any profits, and customers who purchase the products are not given access to any warranties or offers from the manufacturer.

These products, even though not sold through your outlets, are typically outdated, faulty, and substandard quality that is going to be associated with your brand. Consumers who are given access to products through the ‘gray’ market will connect the quality of the products to your business even though they know it is a second-hand chain of sale. In order to withhold a good reputation for your business or organization, you should secure proper destruction of these products through a hazardous waste service, like Environmental Marketing Services, LLC, to protect your brand’s reputation.

Proper product destruction is vital to maintaining your reputation. If these off spec materials are not disposed of correctly, there is a risk of unofficial channels still gaining access to the products. Some defective products have been known to be ‘rescued’ from landfills and then sold illegally.

Proper Disposal of Off Spec/Outdated Products Ensures Regulation Compliance

Hazardous products must be destroyed or disposed of under relevant local, state, and federal regulations. Hazardous substances and toxic chemicals, such as pharmaceutical waste, have unique waste management protocols that must be followed.

These hazardous wastes can be in various forms, such as gases, sludges, solids, or liquids. They can come from by-products as well as industrial and manufacturing processes. Any facility which handles hazardous wastes has to dispose of it properly to protect the environment and your business from regulatory inspections.

Off-spec products can be considered a waste if they are unintentionally generated, do not fall into the desired end-use as having substantial further processing, or are not a primary product. Particular wastes that fall into this category can be blended and treated with chemicals to create a product that will have a use as a fuel application. The application can then be used to lower raw material costs and have zero impact on a landfill.

Limit Your Liability with Proper Disposal of Off Spec/Outdated Products

Some of the off-spec/outdated products which are non-hazardous or hazardous can pose a risk of harm to those who access it. You want to ensure these materials are handled and disposed of according to regulations in an effort to limit your liability.

If you are storing any off-spec or outdated products, you should contact a reputable hazardous waste service to determine what your disposal options are for destroying these materials.

How to Handle Outdated Chemicals Disposal

If your business has an excess of off-spec or outdated chemicals, you can check with the manufacturer to determine if they will take these materials back and reclaim or reformulate them. The EPA allows for any chemicals that have a legitimate reclaim or reuse quality not to be considered a waste under the hazardous waste rules.

If no one is able to reuse or reclaim your outdated or off-spec chemicals, you will need to dispose of them under EPA regulations. These materials cannot be sent to a solid waste landfill. These chemicals are required to be handled by a hazardous waste treatment facility for proper treatment, storage, and disposal. Contact Environmental Marketing Services, LLC to ensure this disposal is handled safely and correctly.

How to Dispose of Toxic Products that are Off Spec or Outdated

Many everyday products become outdated or unwanted, and because they are toxic can leave a radioactive footprint if not disposed of properly. If these chemicals are unable to be reclaimed or reused, they become waste. These materials must be handled by a permitted hazardous waste treatment facility.

Your hazardous waste service will determine if the materials can be used for energy recovery, can be burned as a fuel, or if there are any other possible acceptable uses. Check with our disposal service team at Environmental Marketing Services, LLC on how to handle your off-spec or outdated toxic wastes, as it is your responsibility to understand their ultimate fate.

Safety is paramount to protecting your environment, yourself, and all life around you. If you have questions regarding the proper way to handle your off-spec or outdated products and materials, we urge you to contact a commercial hazardous waste disposal service like Environmental Marketing Services, LLC for help in determining the correct disposal methods.


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