Preparing Your Team for 2022 Waste Disposal Services
December 21, 2021

The end of the year is right around the corner, which means your facility should be clearing out the old and getting ready for the new. Some of the issues to address for the cleaning up of 2021 and preparing for 2022 hazardous waste disposal include making sure your records are in order for HAZMAT reporting.

Other questions you should address are if any spills still require a response, and if your generator status is at the right level or does it need to be altered. These are just a few areas to make sure are covered as the year comes to an end, and your facility gets ready for 2022.

There are a lot of concerns a generator of hazardous materials must deal with. This checklist should help you get everything in order, so your facility enters the new quarter with a clear conscience and worry-free.

Make Sure All Staff is Up to Date on Training, and Protocols

Annual hazardous waste training is needed for those who generate, store, transport, accumulate or treat these dangerous materials. HMR (Hazardous Materials Regulations) require all hazmat employers to test, certify and train hazmat employees who perform any functions that are subject to HMR. Training is required to be completed at least once every three years.

As your facility enters 2022, make sure all your employees who work with hazardous materials are trained to handle leaks, spills, or any other type of accident that could cause damage to properties, the environment, health, or the life of others.

Review and Update Internal Protocols

The proper handling of hazardous materials promotes a safe work environment, and keeps your facility safe should an unexpected audit occur. If toxic waste is not handled correctly, it could release harmful chemicals into the groundwater, soil, and air. This release poses a serious threat to your employees, the surrounding community, and the environment.

As 2021 comes to an end, and your facility gets ready for 2022, it is an excellent time to review and update all internal protocols. Making sure all employees know and understand these protocols will keep your employees and facility safe as you enter the new year.

Check Any New Systems for Possible Generation of Hazardous Waste

If your facility is planning on installing or has recently installed any new systems, check these systems for possible generations of hazardous waste into your stream. These wastes are defined as having properties that endanger human health or the environment.

Hazardous wastes are generated from multiple sources. If you are unsure if your new system will generate hazardous waste materials, contact Environmental Marketing Services. We can discuss the operations of this system and determine the waste disposal requirements it may need.

Plan Ahead for 2022 Waste Disposal

As your facility heads into 2022, it is important to have a plan in place for your generation of hazardous materials. If you will need waste disposal services in the new year there are procedures you will have to follow for safe transport and proper management of these materials.

Talk to your local waste management service, Environmental Marketing Services, and determine if you should have a scheduled pickup in place before your need for disposal becomes an issue. These materials should never be left to accumulate. Discuss your generation rates with Environmental Marketing Services and determine what your scheduled disposals will be in the new year.

Set Up Waste Profiles

Your facility’s waste profile describes the type of waste you generate and provides the disposal service with the information needed to safely handle these hazardous materials. Your profile resembles an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) and describes the waste including its state, smell, color, and other features. These profiles also have to contain waste codes and other requirements set forth by the EPA. If you are unsure about your facility’s waste profile, talk to the experts at Environmental Marketing Services to ensure yours is properly set up.

Verify Your SDS’s are Added to Internal Documents

The SDSs for your facility include information such as:

– The physical health of hazardous chemicals
– Environmental health hazards those chemicals pose
– Properties of the chemicals
– Safety precautions for handling, storing and, transporting the chemicals
– Storing of chemicals

OSHA also requires that as an SDS preparer, you provide specific minimum information found in detail in Appendix D of 29 CFR 1910.1200. If you have any questions about adding this information to your internal documents for 2022, talk to Environmental Marketing Services.

Who to Contact to Prepare for Your 2022 Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

The professionals at Environmental Marketing Services look forward to providing your facility with hazardous waste services in 2022. We service government agencies, educational systems, manufacturing facilities, and many others. With over ninety years of combined experience, and the latest technology, we can meet your objectives for cost-effective and innovative solutions for your recycling and waste disposal needs.

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