Proper Lab-Pack Management for Schools, Laboratories, and Government Agencies: Why It’s Important
October 11, 2022
Lab Pack Management

All businesses in any industry are responsible for making safe and sustainable waste management practices their priority. Laboratories, schools, certain government agencies, pharmaceuticals, and research and development all have many chemicals in stock that have gone over their expiration dates. When these chemicals reach their expiration dates, you have to schedule a proper hazardous waste disposal service to remove them from your facility.

Proper waste disposal services, such as Environmental Marketing Services offer treatment, housing, and disposal of various waste streams. Lab pack management is your most efficient method of handling these hazardous wastes and one Environmental Marketing Services (EMSLLC) can help set up within your facility.

With the end of the year nearing, you should schedule these services now. Many institutions plan for hazardous waste disposal services at this time and schedules quickly fill. By setting up your waste management disposal early, you ensure your facility does not have to wait in line, and all materials are off your site and being properly processed according to all regulations and laws.

Why Lab Pack Management is Important to Your Facility

Lab packs can include vessels such as drums or boxes that will hold or store smaller bags, jars, ampules, or other canisters of partially contaminated, mislabeled, expired or damaged hazardous chemicals. The self-contained, smaller canisters are placed into a larger drum or box for proper transportation and disposal. It is important these ‘packs’ are properly transported and disposed of or your facility is at risk of having to pay criminal fines and being assigned other penalties.

Scheduling early disposal services will ensure your facility remains compliant with all local, state, and federal laws governing hazardous waste management. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration,) DOT (Department of Transportation,) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency,) have regulations you are required to follow regarding the storage, collection, and disposal of your facility’s hazardous wastes. As a school, laboratory, or government agency handling these types of materials, it is your responsibility to follow these regulations or risk serious penalties.

When your facility works with Environmental Marketing Services, you are guaranteed all your hazardous waste in the packs will be handled according to the laws set forth by the above agencies. Proper lab pack management should be a part of your facility’s goal, and when you work with Environmental Marketing Services, we will ensure you meet that goal.

How Lab Pack Management Works

EMSLLC (Environmental Marketing Services) offers lab pack management which consists of customized on-site and self-packing services for your facility’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Specialized containers are used in lab-pack management and are typically either steel, fiber, or poly drum. The drums (ranging from 5 to 55 gallons) are used to house smaller containers of your chemical waste.

Smaller containers of hazardous chemicals are placed inside the drums and cushioned with chemically inactive material. The material used for this packing includes vermiculite to prevent the smaller containers from breaking during transport. Vermiculite also prevents any possible interaction with chemicals if one or more of them leaks during the shipping process. Interactions with some chemicals could result in fire, explosions, or other dangerous events.

When the drums have been filled with all the smaller vessels which have been properly labeled, the paperwork is created to ensure it is compliant for transportation. EMSLLC will arrange for transportation to their storage facility where all materials will be properly treated and disposed of under the laws.

Important Information Regarding Lab Pack Management

The process for proper pack management is done step-by-step to ensure it is handled accurately. It begins with identifying and segregating the materials. This first step also includes choosing the proper containers. The two most important steps involve:

Step One- Lab Pack Waste Segregation and Identification

In the lab pack process, one of the most important steps is to accurately and thoroughly identify the materials. When you work with EMSLLC, they can provide expert advice to ensure all identifications from the generation of non-hazardous to hazardous materials are done accurately.
Once you know the type of materials you are handling, you will understand how to segregate and which materials should be packed in your containers. Many times, labs have materials that are not allowed to be shipped in their current state. EMSLLC has the knowledge and experience to identify these materials and ensure the proper identification so you avoid fines and penalties and follow all safety protocols.

Step Two- Packaging and Shipment for Lab Pack Waste Disposal

The experts at EMSLLC will handle all your packaging and preparation of materials for transport to dispose of them. While your facility may have students or faculty members who are knowledgeable about hazardous materials, they may not be fully versed in DOT regulations. These regulations include what can and cannot be accepted at receiving centers.

Advantages of Lab Packs

When you pack your hazardous materials, you are keeping people safe, as well as protecting the environment from harm. If hazardous materials are put in with your regular garbage or poured down the drain, you risk endangering the lives of humans and the environment in your area. It is required by law, and your facility’s responsibility to properly dispose of chemical waste whether you are a government agency, research lab, or school.

When packs are not properly handled, they can indirectly create health risks. The risks come from the toxins in these materials being released into the environment. When chemicals are not treated before they reach the landfill, contamination of drinking water, surface waters, and groundwater supplies can occur.

Choosing the Right Hazardous Waste Disposal Service

The service you choose to handle your hazardous waste disposal can have a significant impact on your facility. The service has to have experience in this industry and be certified in hazardous waste management. This process is dangerous and requires consideration of the health impacts involved and how to perform the process safely.

The waste disposal service you choose must understand the necessary compliance involved at all levels, local, state, and federal. Your facility is the one assuming responsibility from the time your materials are generated until they are disposed of. Because you are responsible, you want to choose a disposal service that complies with all transportation and disposal procedures. If waste materials are handled improperly, your facility is financially vulnerable should there be any spills or accidents of these dangerous materials.

EMSLLC has been in the industry of hazardous waste management for more than ninety combined years. They work with different industries including educational systems, government agencies, and more to develop cost-effective, innovative solutions for lab pack management and other hazardous waste disposal services. When you work with Environmental Marketing services, you are working with experts you can depend on to handle all your waste materials according to government regulations.

Contact EMSLLC before the year ends and arrange your hazardous waste disposal before the scheduling is filled. If you have any questions regarding this process or need any expert help in creating packs, one of our specialists will be more than happy to find the best, most affordable, and safe solutions to your hazardous waste management.

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