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For a school or laboratory, EMS LLC USA offers an expert and professional lab pack management and disposal service. The lab pack service rendered to schools or professional laboratories will have our company collect used laboratory chemicals and dispose of these chemicals in such a manner, which is safe for the environment and which is in line with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. Schools or companies that make use of chemicals for research or educational purposes are required, by law, to dispose of these chemicals in the correct manner and if the regulations and procedures are not adhered, severe penalties could be faced. Do not risk it-simply enlist the experienced services of EMS LLC USA and allow our lab pack management and disposal service to resolve all your disposal issues. Via our website,, online users will be able to review the procedure which occurs during the lab pack management and disposal service.

The first stage of this process involves our company reviewing the inventory which needs to be managed and disposed and EMS LLC USA will also calculate the cost of an ongoing lab pack management and disposal service. Each chemical has to be identified by name, and each chemical will need to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner, and the chemicals will be individually labeled and the containers which hold the chemicals will be grouped in accordance with the requirements which have been set out by the EPA and DOT. Finally, EMS LLC USA will package all materials and the lab pack management and disposal system for packaging the materials will again be in line with the prescribed regulations of DOT and EPA. The final stages of our lab pack service will include the transporting of the materials, a final audit of the material and eventually, EMS LLC USA will dispose of the lab packs through the correct and legal channels. For online users who wish to obtain further information and details about the lab pack management and disposal service, feel free to browse our site and select the ‘lab pack‘ link on our website.

In addition to our effective and professional lab pack management and lab disposal services, EMS LLC USA offers several waste management and disposal services, such as sampling and analysis, U&P Listed Chemo Disposal and U&P Listed Pharmaceutical Disposal, as well as environmental audits, environmental compliances and RAD Waste and remedial services. To find out more about our company and to find out about the environmentally-friendly disposal and management services which are offered by our company, feel free to view the EMS LLC USA website and ensure that your company’s disposal methods are safe and in line with the regulations which have been set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. To request a quotation for the lab pack services, please make use of our online quotation service featured on our website. EMS LLC USA has more than 90 years of combined experience in developing affordable and innovative solutions that will resolve your company’s waste disposal as well as recycling requirements.

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