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EMS LLC USA is eager to serve your company with our range of affordable, innovative waste management solutions. Our company has more than ninety years in combined experience in chemical waste disposal, management and recycling, and we are able to customize solutions that are centered on affordability and methods of disposal that are environmentally friendly and are in line with the prescribed waste disposal guidelines and regulations. The services offered by our company include chemical waste management, beneficial reused and recycling programs, remedial services which include pit and lagoon cleaning, tank cleaning and removal, facility closures and cleanup and universal waste removal, as well as the disposal and removal of items, such as batteries, computer equipment, and lighting. In terms of chemical waste management, the method of disposal is not simply dumping the chemicals in a landfill site, but since the chemicals are regarded as hazardous and toxic, a series of regulations must be met while the protocol for chemical waste management must be followed. Our service include prompt pickups, and a complete manifest of our services is offered to our clients, and this will detail the exact way the chemicals will be disposed of and once we have provided our chemical waste management service, EMS LLC USA will provide your company with a complete evaluation of the progress of the disposal, allowing our customers to gain the peace of mind that their chemical waste has been disposed of in compliance with the environmental regulations on chemical waste.

In accordance with the Federal Environmental Guidelines, the transporters of hazardous chemicals need to carry comprehensive discharge insurance and general and automotive liability insurance, and the transporters that are involved with the chemical waste management hold these insurances and as such, your company’s liability is minimized with our effective chemical waste management. The transporters have fleets of vans, trailers and tankers all of which have been customized to meet the needs of transporting hazardous as well as non-hazardous materials and the specialized equipment may be customized to meet the demands of each particular client. As part of our chemical waste management services, EMS LLC USA provides chemical and mechanical treatments for the treating of effluents, which includes acid, bases, coolants and water and since we are committed to waste minimization, our management services will offer the correct solution that will effectively resolve your company’s disposal problems. To learn more about our chemical waste disposal services, browse the EMS LLC USA website,

With the landfill options for chemical waste, we also provide de-listing of hazardous waste, neutralization, chemical stabilization and oxidation and filtration. Since governments around are pressing for tough penalties for non-compliance with environmental regulations, it is unlawful not to have a chemical waste management program in place, which is compliant with the prescribed regulations. The fines and penalties for law breakers can be crippling and EMS LLC USA’s effective chemical waste management will allow your company to be compliant with the environmental regulations.

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