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Professional Services

The professionals at Environmental Marketing Services, LLC (EMSLLC), welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization. With 90 years of combined experience, we understand clients’ objectives for developing cost effective and innovative solutions to your waste disposal and recycling needs, while minimizing liabilities and protecting the environment. Let the Professionals at EMSLLC help you go green and save with our one stop Waste Management Team

Servicing manufacturing facilities, government agencies, educational systems, and many more.
Providing reasonably priced transportation and disposal services to non-residential companies.

Services Offered

Radioactive Waste Solutions:

– Radioactive Waste Disposal

– Radioactive Material Services

– Radioactive Services and Disposal

– TENORM Waste Disposal

– Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management

Lab-Pack Services:

– Lab-pack Disposal

– Lab-pack Waste Disposal

– Lab Chemical Solutions

– Turnkey Lab-pack Services

– Chemical Waste Lab-pack Services

Non-Hazardous Waste Services:

– Landfill

– Waste-To-Energy

– Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

– Non-Hazardous Waste

– Non-Hazardous Waste Removal

– Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation

– Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling

Medical, Bio-Hazardous, and Pharmaceutical Waste Services:

– Bio-Medical Waste Disposal

– Bio-Hazardous Waste Disposal

– Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

– Medical Waste Pickup

– Medical Waste Transportation

– Medical Waste Disposal

– Pharmaceutical Waste Pickup

– Pharmaceutical Waste Transportation

– Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

– DEA Controlled Substances Management

– DEA Waste Management

– Controlled Substances Disposal

High-Hazard Chemicals Management:

– Reactive Materials Services

– Highly Hazardous Waste Disposal

– Reactive Chemicals Management

– Remote Opening

– Picric Acid Stabilization and Disposal

– Expired Ethers Stabilization and Disposal

– PCB Waste Disposal

Chemical Waste Solutions:

– Chemical Waste Disposal

– Liquid, Solid & Sludge Disposal

– Chemical Waste Removal

– Chemical Waste Pickup

– Chemical Waste Transportation

– Chemical Recycling

– Turnkey Treatment

– Chemical Waste Lab-pack Services

Wastewater Services:

– Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

– Wastewater Management

– Wastewater Removal

– Wastewater Transportation

– Wastewater Disposal

– Wastewater Recycling

Other Services:

– Universal Waste Management and Disposal

– Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management and Disposal

– Aerosol Can Recycling

– RCRA Training

– Vacuum Truck Services

Hazardous Waste Services:

– Fuel Blending

– Incineration Services

– Deep Well Disposal

– Hazardous Waste Transportation

– Onsite Waste Management

– Hazardous Waste Minimization

– Drum Waste Disposal

– Liquid, Solid, and Sludge Disposal

– Hazardous Waste Management

– Hazardous Waste Removal

– Hazardous Waste Pickup

– Hazardous Waste Transportation

Hazardous Waste Disposal

– Hazardous Waste Recycling

– HAZMAT Waste Removal

– HAZMAT Waste Pickup

– HAZMAT Waste Transportation

– HAZMAT Waste Disposal

– Hazardous Waste Stabilization and Landfill Services

– RCRA Waste Compliance

Reactive Waste Solutions:

– Reactive Materials Services

– Highly Hazardous Waste Disposal

– Reactive Chemicals Management

– Remote Opening

– Picric Acid Stabilization and Disposal

– Expired Ethers Stabilization and Disposal

– PCB Waste Disposal

Beneficial Reuse/Recycle Program

Recycling Solvent recovery through fractionation or distillation offers a few distinct advantages: cost savings via use of a recycled product, minimization of waste actually disposed, and ultimately, conservation of energy…

Bio-Medical Waste Disposal

EMSLLC has the solutions to your Bio-Medical waste disposal & recycling needs, while minimizing liabilities and protecting the environment. We offer the latest technology available to properly handle your medical and environmental hazardous wastes…

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management Disposal

Waste disposal is one of the most carefully government-regulated and scrutinized industries. Because regulatory pressures are becoming increasingly complex, our first concern is your satisfaction and peace of mind. You…

Lab Pack Management & Disposal for Schools and Laboratories

EMSLLC provides experienced, expert handling of laboratory chemicals. Spent or unusable laboratory chemicals represent a special niche in waste disposal. In order to properly handle these requirements, EMSLLC has a…

Radioactive Services & Disposal

EMSLLC offers radioactive waste disposal throughout the United States. We utilize a network of radioactive waste disposal facilities to ensure that you are in full compliance with DOT regulations as well as state, local and federal regulations.

Remedial Services: Tank, Pit & Lagoon Cleaning, Tank Removal, Facility Closures & Plant Cleanup

EMSLLC can help you reclaim the environment in a cost-effective and timely manner. The first step for proper handling of site remediation begins with assessing the site conditions. EMSLLC offers…

Sampling & Analysis

Why wait until next month when you can get your results this week? EMSLLC.’s staff of experienced professionals understands the regulatory process and associated requirements. This enables EMSLLC to design…

U&P Listed Chemo Disposal and U&P Listed Pharmaceutical Disposal

EMSLLC has the experience to handle all your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs. Our various outlets lets us customize a program which best suits your needs, whether it is non regulated OTC Materials…

Chemical Waste Management

EMS LLC USA is eager to serve your company with our range of affordable, innovative waste management solutions. Our company has more than ninety years in combined experience in waste disposal, management and…

Facility Decontamination

Environmental Marketing Services, LLC offers industries of all types, from chemical manufacturing to medical institutions, solutions for waste disposal management, facility decontamination and waste…

Lab Disposal

The correct lab disposal of waste from laboratory clinics, hospital labs, research centers, and education laboratories at schools must be done according to strict federal regulations. No doubt you have…

Lab Pack

For a school or laboratory, EMS LLC USA offers an expert and professional lab pack management and disposal service. The lab pack service rendered to schools or professional laboratories will have…

Paint Disposal

If your company manufactures paint, you are probably aware that there is a correct method of paint disposal and in the same vein, if you are a contractor and often need to dispose of large volumes of paint, again, there must be…

Universal Waste Management

Environmental Marketing Services LLC understands that universal waste management is important to the environment, and they are a company that handles the research, development, disposal and compliance when…

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